10" Signature Stone Hanging Tray (Pre-Order)


Our 10” Signature Stone hanging tray is a versatile and creative way to style your plants. Mounted on the wall or ceiling, the hanging tray is great for displaying individual small to medium-size houseplant, pairing, or grouping together a variety of nursery plants. Hanging plants can easily be swapped out for a new, refreshing look based on mood, aesthetics, and preference.

This product has been transformed from recycled plastics combined with materials like natural stone and wood into a green composite material.


Recycled Plastic | Natural Stone | Wood Dust


Hand Finished

Details Indoor/Outdoor

Use Frost Proof -50C - 100C

Black S Hook Included

Measurement 10.7in diameter x 1.2in high

Rope Length: 20in tall

10.7" l x 10.7" w x 1.2" h

0.6 lb

Made in China