28cm Hotpot with Divider & Glass lid - Danish Green


This 28cm Neoflam hotpot with divider was designed especially for Taiwanese hotpot lovers. The Danish Green is also a new color that you cannot find elsewhere in the U.S. Ema's Table is into the greenery scene lately and it brings peace and inner joy for Ema's family. We hope you will feel the same resonance as well.

In Asian cuisine, two pots are needed if you'd like to cook noodle soups and get rid of artificial ingredients from dry noodles. Consider using this pot to save a lot of time on preparing and cleaning.

- Size: 28 cm (11" Dia)
- Capacity: 3.78 L (half pot 1.89 L)
- Weight: 2.03 kg (±5%)
- Material: Special alloy containing titanium, Glass, Stainless Steel, Wood
- Made in Korea
- Notes:
  • PFOA-free, PTFE-free, Lead-free, Cadmium-free
  • IH compatible, gas stove safe. 
  • No microwave. 


Ema's Table 最近進入家居植綠的世界,對於丹麥綠此款綠色有種磁性效應,特地引介給美國的朋友們,希望你們也會喜歡。

- 尺寸:28 cm (11" Dia)
- 容量:3.78 L (半鍋 1.89 L)
- 重量:2.03 kg (±5%)
- 材質:鍋身-特殊合金含鈦成份(陶瓷噴塗),鍋蓋-強化玻璃+不鏽鋼+電木
- 產地:韓國
- 注意事項:
  • 此商品導熱快速,建議使用小火即可,節約能源
  • 每次使用前,建議先小火預熱30秒熱鍋,再行料理,效果更佳
  • 適用於瓦斯爐、電爐、鹵素盧、電磁爐;不適用於微波爐
  • 不適用鐵刷及含金屬的菜瓜布;建議使用海綿或精緻鍋具專用菜瓜布清洗
  • 避免使用金屬湯勺,建議使用木勺或矽膠勺,可延長鍋具使用壽命