Air-In Mountain Fuji Eraser


This most topical and popular stationery, Mountain Fuji Eraser, breaks everyone's traditional thinking about writing typos. This lightweight PVC eraser cleans up stray markers and errors with ease. It features a blue outer with a center design in white. As you use it, the corners will wear away, forming a tip that evokes a snowcapped Mt. Fuji. It is just such a fun idea! 

- Size: L 4.5 x W 2.5 x H 1.4 cm
- Material: PVC, Elastomer
- Made in Japan


認真寫作業,就能擦出一座富士山!最有話題性的人氣文具「PLUS 富士山橡皮擦」,一推出就風靡全球,打破所有人對橡皮擦的想像,讓寫錯字也能變成一件療癒的事。藍色的外皮,中間包覆著白雪,不用去富士山就買得到,還能創造出獨一無二的山造型,如此可愛的設計,買一盒囤在家裡用也不為過!

- 尺寸:L 4.5 x W 2.5 x H 1.4 cm
- 材質:PVC 聚氯乙烯 / 碳酸鈣
- 產地:日本