Fika Steam Plus Pan with Glass Lid

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Fika Steam Plus Pan with 2 Handles & Glass Lid is a must-have if you need to prepare meals for kids every morning. With the steaming function, you can cook four small dishes at the same time. How wonderful is that! Among all the Steam Plus Pan from Neoflam, only this Fika pan can also be placed in the oven. Quick and easy to use. The most appealing thing is its sleek design that makes you feel a better version of yourself.
  • Ceramic coating with no PFOA and PFOS and lead-free.
  • Do not contain toxic heavy metal 
  • Easy to clean the ceramic coated surface
  • A structurally engineered base allows you not to flip your food while cooking
  • The advanced ceramic-coating technique improves durability and nonstick performance. 

雙耳烹飪神器&玻璃蓋 (IH適用)

Fika系列下的這款雙耳烹飪神器 (含玻璃鍋蓋) 絕對是小孩開學後的媽媽必備廚房小幫手。只需在中間凹槽處注水後,把食物分別放到四個分隔層,一點點油,就可以將小孩的早餐以蒸煮健康的方式輕鬆地準備完成。Neoflam這家公司最厲害的就是能夠把鍋具設計非常時尚,讓媽媽大廚們在準備料理時,也能透過欣賞美好的設計來感受到更好的自己。

  • 使用陶瓷處理,對人體無害(無PFOA、PFOS成分)
  • 不含有害重金屬
  • 商品鍋內外採用陶瓷噴塗易清洗
  • 省油、導熱快速、不沾效果好
  • 散發遠紅外線,使食物受熱均勻