Happy Place Washable Mat
快樂空間 可水洗圓形地毯


Made of high-twist polyamide fibers, this round mat is comfortable, washable, and easy to care for. The stable and non-slip design on the back side make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, like front door, kitchen, hallway, and balcony. The cream-white color is elegant and fits perfectly into any room.

- Size: 100 cm Dia
- Material: Polyamide, PVC
- Made in India
- Notes: Washing machine safe (30 degrees)

地毯是打造風格的最佳配件,而若能直接放入洗衣機水洗,在保養清潔上就更方便了。來自德國 Eulenschnitt 的圓形地毯,織有品牌標誌性的金句,背面更有防滑設計,無論室内室外,放置於門前、走廊、廚房、陽台等地方都很適合,用簡潔的風格和優雅百搭的乳白色來妝點空間。

- 尺寸:直徑 100 cm
- 材質:聚脂纖維、PVC
- 產地:比利時
- 注意事項:洗衣機可用