LOMOJI Chinese Herbal Teabags – Edema (10 bags)


樂木集漢方養生茶 - 極輕濕





  • 容易感受到身體疲倦。
  • 身體容易水腫。
  • 頭皮和皮膚容易出油。
  • 四肢瘦瘦卻胖小腹。
  • 久坐下半身循環不好。

- 除濕成分:嚴選純天然中藥材低溫烘培研磨製成,100%黑豆,薏仁,茯苓,甘草

  • 黑豆:含有花青素、蛋白質、胡蘿蔔素、維生素B1、維生素B
  • 薏米:利水去濕,維生素E有抗氧化作用,增進皮膚與血球的健康
  • 茯苓:被譽為「四時神藥」,養顏美容,幫助睡眠
  • 甘草:潤喉,天然甜味配方

  • - 包裝規格:6g±1g (單包) ,總共10包/盒
    - Made in Taiwan

    - 注意事項:

    • 痛風困擾、腎臟病患者不適合飲用。
    • 感冒、發燒、腹瀉期間不適合飲用。
    • 生理期間、孕婦、哺乳期間不適合飲用。
    • 正在服用其他藥物,或對任何含有藥材的物質過敏者,建議先詢問醫師。

    Enjoy a cup of Chinese herbal tea in five minutes. Do not make trivial things wash away the power of your life. The time of office workers is limited. Therefore, the LOMOJI, inheriting nature from our ancestors, endeavor to find the solutions to release the pressure from daily life. We put pure and natural herbal ingredients into tea bags without preservatives and additives. All of our products are sugar-free to relieve the burden of our body. We develop eight flavors of Chinese herbal teabags for different conditions of skin and body. LOMOJI makes it easy for people to maintain health by drinking Chinese herbal tea. 

    Ingredients:100% Black Beans, Barley Risotto, Fu Lin, Licorice. 
    Weight: 6g±1g (each bag) x 10 bags 

    Steps to enjoy Chinese Herbal Tea:

    1. Put one tea bag and pour 350ml boiling water into the cup.
    2. Wait for 5 minutes for the tea.
    3. Refill the boiling water 2 or 3 times of your tea before it became tasteless.
    4. Allow LOMUJI to take care of your body.  

    Notice before drinking Edema herbal tea:

    • For people who lost energy and prevent water retention, bad breath and body wastes.
    • Not for people who have colds, fever, or diarrhea.
    • Not for women who are on the period, pregnancy or breast feeding.