MBTI Reusable Tumbler with White Lid

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With a super creative design, this tumbler has 16 options with MBTI personal types on it. It is surely eye-catching and brings conversation. It is made in the most popular basic white color. No matter what kind of drink you put in, it looks clean and stands out. The material is safe even in hot water. It comes with a detachable white lid with a spout as well as a straw hole. It can be carried lightly regardless of the four seasons.  

- Size: Top Ø 7.3, Bottom Ø 6.4 x H 18.4 with lid (473 ml)
- Material: Essten (up to 100 ºC), Ldpe
- Made in South Korea

16人格隨行杯 (白色蓋)

自從 MBTI 人格測試爆紅後,你是不是也習慣在遇到朋友時問他是哪類人呢?韓國品牌 Bracket Table 推出的 MBTI 隨行杯,極具創意地將16 人格印在杯身上,讓你每次帶出門都能造成話題,自用、送禮都適合。材質選用比一般水壺更堅固的 Essten,可耐熱 100°C,不只方便你裝熱咖啡、熱茶,更具有像是玻璃般的通透質地,讓飲料色澤從裡到外展現,可多次使用,環保友好。附贈的白色杯蓋除了有嘴口設計,更具有吸管孔,貼心方便的設計,無論你習慣哪種飲用方式都合用!

- 尺寸:頂部直徑 7.3, 底部直徑 6.4 x 含蓋高 18.4 cm (473 ml)
- 材質:本體 Essten (耐熱度 100ºC)、杯蓋 Ldpe
- 產地:韓國