Noda Horo Enamel Saucepan
野田琺瑯有蓋單柄鍋 14cm


野田琺瑯(Noda Horo)創立至今已擁有80多年悠久歷史,是著名的日本琺瑯食器品牌。一直遵守極高的生產製作標準,製作出各種琺瑯產品,品質優良、設計經典,廣受喜愛。

野田琺瑯有蓋單柄鍋不易沾氣味,光滑的表面令污垢易易於清潔。加上天然木手柄與蓋的點綴是令人感到溫暖而親切的外形。適用於 IH 電磁爐、明火加熱及焗爐,也適用於洗碗碟機。 

- 尺寸:H13 .7x W29.3x D16 .1cm
- 顏色:灰色、綠色、米色
- Made in Japan
- 材質 : 琺瑯、 ( Enamel processing )

This saucepan is charming with an adorable shape, the smooth surface is easy to clean.  The handle and the top of lid are made with natural wood.

Can be used on IH cooker, direct flame and over. It is also dishwasher safe.

Noda Horo is a trusted brand well established over 80 years, they manufacture various enamel products. Customers love its high quality, classic and everlasting designs.

● Easy-to-use dish for everyday dishes, you can take out quickly, attractive size feel easy to use.
● Easy to use for breakfast soup and preparation of dishes, there is also a lid with a lid, so it is perfect for cooking and cooking stuff like.
● IH 200V compatible