Mino Ware Honey Syrup Pot


Comes from Zero Japan, this delicate pot is specially designed for honey syrup. It integrates traditional Mino ware technology into modern design. It is made of high quality parts, so you can easily dispense honey with one hand, and the honey can be cut comfortably. The stainless steel cap does not stick to hands at all when pouring out, which solves the cleaning problem. The food grade ceramic material keeps honey fresh. There is "Honey" printed in the middle for easy identification. 

- Size: L 10 x W 9 x H 12.5 cm (340 ml)
- Material: Ceramic, Resin, Stainless stain, Silicon
- Made in Japan


來自創立於 1992 年的 ZERO JAPAN,這款蜂蜜罐將日本傳統陶瓷技術融入現代設計中,以鮮明舒心的色彩展現,兼具顏值、手感與實用性,讓人一見傾心。為儲藏蜂蜜、糖漿量身打造,不鏽鋼彈蓋設計,在倒出時完全不沾手,大大解決常見開蓋蜂蜜瓶的缺點。商品通過鉛和鎘測試,安全無害,並善用陶器不透光的特性打造瓶身,能減少蜂蜜變質的狀況。便利的尺寸,中央還印有“Honey" 字樣,方便識別,漂亮又好用!

- 尺寸:L 10 x W 9 x H 12.5 cm (340 ml)
- 材質:陶瓷、樹脂、不鏽鋼、矽膠填料
- 產地:日本