The LED Lantern


Bright enough to read by, or subdued enough to calm the mind, BALMUDA The Lantern creates a unique environment. The LED light placed at the top is guided into a central tube and emits light softly. It is lightweight and water-resistant, and can safely illuminate even after a few light splashes or rain drops. With a built-in battery and adjustable brightness, it is the perfect companion to any situation, whether it is at the dinner table, in your bedroom, or in the great outdoors. 

- Size: L 11 x W 10.3 x H 24.8 cm
- Material: ABS rein, PC, Stainless steel
- Battery duration: 3-50 hours 
- Made in China

LED 露營燈

BALMUDA 露營燈是一款仿真燭火照明 LED 燈,主打自然細膩的高質光照效果,並有旋轉式無段調光設計,從暖黃至白光,讓你隨著不同場景及心情調整亮度。內置電池並且防滴漏,室內或室外都可使用,具備 IP54 等級的防塵防水功能,能輕鬆抵禦一般小雨滴及灰塵,非常適合外出夜遊、露營等戶外活動。具設計感的外觀及好攜帶的規格,無論是親友歡聚的餐桌、睡前床邊的放鬆、星空下的暢語時刻,擺上它便能立刻氣氛滿點。

- 尺寸:L 11 x W 10.3 x H 24.8 cm
- 材質:ABS 樹脂、PC、不鏽鋼
- 電池時間:3-50 小時(最大照度到最小照度)
- 產地:中國