Vido Series Vacuum Pump


This vacuum pump is designed to use together with the Fijihoor Vido series container, which is the first innovation of "enamel box + vacuum preservation" to achieve a better life. It uses Vacummsaver patented technology. The vacuum structure has obtained international patents and complies with Japanese JIS standards, which can effectively delay food oxidation, block moisture, and inhibit bacterial reproduction. 

- Size: 4.3 x H 11.4 cm 
- Material: PP, Silicone
- Made in Thailand


富士琺瑯 Vido 真空系列首創【琺瑯盒+真空保鮮】,採用Vacummsaver 專利技術,真空構造取得國際以及日本JIS標準認證。此真空抽氣筒就是專爲搭配真空系列所設計,可有效延緩食物氧化、阻隔濕氣,同時抑制細菌繁殖,使琺瑯盒達到最佳保存食物效果。

尺寸:4.3 x H 11.4 cm 
- 材質:矽膠、PP
- 產地:泰國