Washable Woven Basket


This is a hand-woven basket that can be washed with water and is particular about its appearance and functionality. It looks like a basket made of natural materials. The design is perfect for rooms with a natural atmosphere. Since it comes with a handle, you can easily decorate it with an S-shaped hook. Available in two sizes, not only can it be used as a pot for plants, but it is also recommended for storing small items around the kitchen.

- Size: 
Small 14 × H 12 cm (hook H 4.5 cm)
Large 20 × H 16 cm (hook H 5.5 cm)

- Material: PP, PE, Iron
- Made in China
- Notes:

  • Do not place near fire, in direct sunlight, or in places with high temperatures.
  • Use water and neutral detergent and rinse thoroughly. No scrubbers or bleaches. 



- 尺寸:
小 14 × H 12 cm(掛鉤高 4.5 cm)
大 20 × H 16 cm(掛鉤高 5.5 cm)

- 材質:PP、PE、鐵
- 產地:中國
- 注意事項:

  • 請勿放置在靠近火源、陽光直射或高溫的地方
  • 使用水和中性清潔劑徹底沖洗,避免使用刷子、清潔劑、漂白劑