Bread Freezer Storage Bag (2P)


Specially designed for toast and bread, this storage bag features three layers with a zipper. The middle layer is made of aluminum, which can effectively block light, air and smell, so that the toast keeps moisture and preserve the freshness. A set of 2, each bag can hold about 3-6 pieces of cut toast, or bread of different shapes. After using, you only need to wash and dry it, and it can be reused, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.

- Size: L 27 x W 21 x thickness 0.008 cm
- Material: Polyethylene, PET, Aluminum deposition 
- Made in Japan
- Notes: Do not put in the microwave, oven or toaster when it is still in the bag.   

吐司冷凍保存袋 (2入)

專為沒吃完的吐司、麵包所研發的保存袋,以三層構造的夾鏈袋式設計,中間層使用鋁材質,能有效阻擋光線、空氣和氣味,讓吐司水分不易流失,完美保存新鮮度,回溫回烤後依舊能保持柔軟內心,就像現做的一樣美味!一組2入,每個袋子約可裝入 3-6 片方形吐司,或是切片法棍等不同形狀的麵包。吃完後只需清洗再擦乾,就能重複使用,既方便又環保!

- 尺寸:L 27 x W 21 x 厚度 0.008 cm
- 材質:聚乙烯、PET、鋁(耐寒溫度 -20℃)
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:袋子請勿放入微波爐或烤麵包機中