Toast Steamer For Ovens


This little steamer has a cute bread shape, and is designed for household ovens. When you put water in it and put it in a toaster with bread, the inside of the oven will be filled with steam. With the steam effect, you can get the ideal roast bread with crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. How amazing!

- Size: L 5.6 x W 4.6 x H 1.7 cm
- Material: Pottery
- Made in Japan
- Notes:

  • For ovens and toasters use only. 
  • Wash it with water, and put water inside only. No dishwasher or detergent. 
  • Wash before use, and put about 4 ml of water in it when use. 
  • After use, do not touch it immediately to avoid burns. 
  • It is normal to have some cracks on the back after use. 



- 尺寸:L 5.6 x W 4.6 x H 1.7 cm
- 材質:陶瓷
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:
  • 烤箱和烤麵包機專用
  • 請勿放入清水以外的液體
  • 請勿放入洗碗機,請勿與含油份碗盤一起清洗
  • 使用前先用清水沖洗,然後倒入約4 ml清水,再放入烤箱中跟麵包一起烘烤
  • 烘烤後請勿立即觸摸,以免燙傷
  • 背面白底部分若出現裂痕,依然可正常使用