Large Semicircle Wall Shelf


Made of high-quality oak wood, this semicircular shelf with the handwritten lettering design brings a natural warm feeling to your room. There are two styles to choose from. With the large surface, you can put photo frames, vases, and refreshing plants. Whether it is put on wall in the entrance, living room, bedroom, or kitchen, it fits perfectly. 

- Size: L 32 x W 16 x H 3.5 cm
- Material: Oak wood
- Made in Germany

多用途層板架 - 半圓形大

德國品牌Eulenschnitt 充滿細節及質感的家居飾品,總是讓人心動不已!此款圓弧形的層板架外觀獨特,以優質的橡木製成,適合釘在玄關、客廳、臥室、厨房等顯眼之處的牆上。共有兩款樣式,分別刻有“This Is My Happy Place” 與德文的“Just Happy”,為家營造溫暖親切的氛圍。寬大穩固的層架,簡單擺上相框、花瓶、植物,就能讓空間換然一新!

- 尺寸:L 32 x W 16 x H 3.5 cm
- 材質:橡木
- 產地:德國