Small Semicircle Wall Shelf


Made of high-quality oak wood, this semicircular shelf with the handwritten lettering design brings a natural warm feeling to your room. There are two styles to choose from. With the smaller surface, not only it can be hung on the wall, but also used as a decorative tray on the table. Whether it is put on wall in the entrance, living room, bedroom, or kitchen, it fits perfectly. 

- Size: L 22 x W 11 x H 3.5 cm
- Material: Oak wood
- Made in Germany

多用途層板架 - 半圓形小

德國品牌Eulenschnitt 充滿細節及質感的家居飾品,總是讓人心動不已!此款圓弧形的層板架外觀獨特,以優質的橡木製成,適合擺放在玄關、客廳、臥室等顯眼之處。尺寸較小一點的半圓,除了釘掛在牆上,也可以當作托盤作為桌面的裝飾。共有兩款樣式,分別刻有 Hey Lovely 與德文的 Live Every Moment,如此充滿巧思的設計,讓居家佈置不僅是好看而已,還蘊含更深層的意義。

- 尺寸:L 22 x W 11 x H 3.5 cm
- 材質:橡木
- 產地:德國