Icing V-Shape Rice Bowl 5"


The Icing bowl has a modern atmosphere, accented by the warmth of the soil on the bottom of the glaze with a matte texture. The elegant and gentle color is easy to coordinate, creating a fashionable but friendly visual impression. It is recommended not only for rice bowls, but also for salad bowls and soup bowls.

- Size: 13 x H 7.5 cm (5" Dia, 375 ml)
- Material: Pottery
- Made in Japan
- Notes: No dishwasher, microwave, oven or direct fire. 


融合質樸與現代氣息的 icing 系列,藉由陶土表現溫暖,啞光色澤表現質感,成就出時髦但親切的視覺印象。這款茶碗共有兩款拼色組合,優雅柔和的顏色相當好搭配。倒三角的寬口器型,能營造出豐盛華麗的效果,無論是盛飯、濃湯,還是用作甜點優格杯,都能為料理賣相加分!

- 尺寸:13 x H 7.5 cm (5" Dia, 375 ml)
- 材質:陶器
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:洗碗機、微波爐、烤箱、直火不可用