Antique Rice Bowl 5"


This series is Mitani Pottery's 2022 new design. With the flower patterns printed inside the bowl, you can still enjoy the iconic embossed exterior. As its name, it has an atmosphere like antique miscellaneous goods. The lightweight material and the slightly high platform design make it easy to hold even serving hot soups. The pattern in the bowl will be gradually revealed along while eating, which is very interesting!

- Size: 12.8 x H 6.7 cm (5" Dia, 400 ml)
- Material: Ceramic
- Made in Japan
- Notes: Dishwasher and microwave safe. No oven or direct fire. 


來自日本見谷陶器的 2022 年新作,此系列飯碗將花朵圖紋印在內側,外觀則保留住品牌標誌性的浮雕側面,讓你同時體驗兩種風格,帶著愉快心情用餐。輕巧的質量與底部的小高臺,可輕鬆拿在手中,就算盛裝熱湯也能平穩安全端持,不怕燙傷,碗內的圖案還會隨著進食過程慢慢露出,別有一番趣味!

- 尺寸:12.8 x H 6.7 cm (5" Dia, 400 ml)
- 材質:陶器
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:洗碗機、微波爐可用,烤箱、直火不可用