Copper Yukihira Cooking Pot 18 cm & 21 cm

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With a rounded shape that prevents boiling over, and a handle with a traditional thousand-step winding patter, this pot fits comfortably in your hand and enhances safety. It is made of pure copper, which has excellent thermal conductivity and is energy-saving. When used for cooking, the heat is evenly distributed, so the food is mild and delicious without broken or burning. In addition, copper material exerts an amazing bactericidal action and also helps nutrients taking naturally. Available in two sizes, this pot can be used for daily cooking or dinner with friends. 

- Size:
Small 18 x H 6.7 cm (1.5 L)
Large 21 x H 8 cm (2.2 L)

- Material: Copper, Natural wood
- Made in Japan
- Notes: Gas stove only, not for IH induction cooker


來自日本新光堂的雪平鍋,是煮麵﹑粥﹑湯的最佳幫手!選用傳熱性能出眾的銅材質,可快速、均勻地導熱,節能又省時。銅離子具有驚人的殺菌效果,可對付 O-157 病原性大腸桿菌,並有助大腦﹑神經﹑骨骼的生長,讓你在烹飪的同時,也能補足營養,且是可 100% 回收的金屬,不怕危害環境。兩款尺寸,鍋身外型精巧美觀,槌目紋路精緻細膩,並附有導口設計可解決倒湯時的滴灑問題,煮出來的麵 Q 彈不軟爛,喜歡吃宵夜的你,家裡一定要有這鍋!

- 尺寸:
小鍋 18 x H 6.7 cm (1.5 L)
大鍋 21 x H 8 cm (2.2 L)

- 材質:銅、櫸木
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:瓦斯爐直火可用,IH 電磁爐不可用