Mobile Stick Stapler


This is a pen-shape stapler that designed to be put into a pencil case. It is lightweight, portable and easy to carry. Simply slide the button up and down to open or close. It can hold up to 100 staples, and can bind as thick as 10 sheets of paper at a time. It also has a little window that you can check the remaining amount of staples, very functional. 

- Size: L 14.8 x W 2.1 x H 1.9 cm
- Material: Iron, ABS, PC, PP, POM
- Made in Taiwan


以「適合放進筆袋的形狀」為設計概念,日本文具品牌 Max 新出品的筆型訂書機,輕量便攜的體積,隨手就能放入口袋、抽屜。採用時下流行的色調,只需將按鈕輕鬆滑上和滑下,就能開啟或收合壓頭。可裝入高達 100 根訂書針,最厚可一次裝訂10張紙,並附有方便查看訂書針殘量的透視窗口,在設計細節與機能性上都相當講究。

- 尺寸:L 14.8 x W 2.1 x H 1.9 cm
- 材質:鐵、ABS、PC、PP、POM
- 產地:台灣