Plates & Pots Washing Brush


Comes from a German brand REDECKER, this tableware washing brush has two types: long and short. The long brush is made of black horse hair and is soft, so it removes dirt without scratching. It can be used for plates as well as specially processed pots. The handle and brush can be removed and use like a scrubbing brush.  

The short brush is made of hard coconut fiber, which suitable for cleaning pots and pans. The shape is easy to grip firmly and the compact design cleanly removes dirt. 

- Size:
Long Brush S - L 25 x W 4 x H 4 cm
Long Brush M - L 25 x W 5 x H 5 cm
Short Brush - L 8 x W 6.5 x H 6.5 cm

- Material: Horse hair (long brush), Coconut tree (short brush), Natural wood
- Made in Germany
- Notes:

  • Please dry the brushes facing down after use.
  • Made of natural wood, when the handle is exposed to water or heat, it may have some cracks and then back to normal. 
  • No dishwasher. 

具有 75 年工藝歷史的德國品牌 REDECKER,其產品均採用天然材料手工製作,設計簡潔實用。長款洗滌刷設有兩種尺寸,均使用柔軟的馬毛製成,可以去除污垢且不怕刮傷餐皿,也可以清洗特殊加工的鍋具。手柄和刷子可拆下來分開使用,讓你加強局部的清潔。


- 尺寸:
長刷 S - L 25 x W 4 x H 4 cm
長刷 M - L 25 x W 5 x H 5 cm
短刷 - L 8 x W 6.5 x H 6.5 cm

- 材質:馬毛(長刷)、棕櫚(短刷)、天然木材
- 產地:德國
- 注意事項:
  • 請在使用完後將刷毛朝下晾乾,以免發霉。
  • 刷具的木柄本身都是天然木頭,當遇水或遇熱過後,會因為熱脹冷縮,某些木頭可能會產生些許裂縫又回復,此屬正常現象。
  • 請勿使用烘碗機或是高溫烘烤。