Wooden Pendant Set of 8


This set of laser-cut wooden pendants is a minimalistic beautiful decoration. Their simple, timeless yet playful design fits perfectly into any room. Each pendant has a hole so that any ribbon can be pulled through, and you can easily hang them anywhere. Available in 3 shapes in black or white colors, they can also be written on or painted on. They are wonderful decoration to use all year round. 

- Size: 
Tree L 6 x W 5 cm
Star L 6 x W 6 cm
House L 6.7 x W 5.1 cm

- Material: Laser-cut wood
- Made in Germany

木製吊飾8入組 (5款)


- 尺寸:
樹 L 6 x W 5 cm
星星 L 6 x W 6 cm
房子 L 6.7 x W 5.1 cm

- 材質:木材
- 產地:德國