Crown Glass Dessert Bowl 3.5"


Designed by Japanese brand SHISEI HANBAI, this dessert bowl is made of eco-friendly recycled glass by using special technology. It has a simple and elegant outlook, and the clear glass adds a cool feeling when serving desserts. The body is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, which is convenient for stacking and storage even if there are multiple. Available in two sizes, it can also be used as a homemade sauces and dressing container. 

- Size: 
Large 9.5 x H 6 cm (3.5" Dia, 200 ml)
Small 8 x H 6 cm (3" Dia, 150 ml)

- Material: Recycle glass
- Made in Vietnam


由日本品牌 SHISEI HANBAI 設計,以特殊技術將回收玻璃再製,打造出友善環境且能為生活帶來幸福的小物。此玻璃點心杯外型素雅,卻不失設計感,圓潤的弧度配上清透的玻璃,為夏日再添一份涼爽明亮。上寬下窄的杯身設計,方便疊放收納,就算一次購入多個也能輕鬆存放。一大一小的尺寸,無論小菜、醬料、漬物、清酒、優格等,各樣料理都能在杯中完美展現,也可搭配盤皿一起上桌,非常氣派。

- 尺寸:
大杯 9.5 x H 6 cm (200 ml)
小杯 8 x H 6 cm (150 ml)

- 材質:環保玻璃
- 產地:越南