Vido Series Electrical Vacuum Pump


This is an upgraded vacuum pump with an electric feature. It only takes 3 seconds to complete the vacuum preservation process, and can effectively extend the life of food by 2-5 times more. It is designed to use together with the Fijihoor Vido series container, which is the first innovation of "enamel box + vacuum preservation". The vacuumed storage also helps block moisture and inhibit the growth of bacterial. The pump is lightweight and easy to carry around, great for camping and traveling.

- Size: 4.1 x H 15.2 cm 
- Material: PC, Silicone, PVC, ABS
- Notes: 
  • Do not use the electric suction wand for powder and food containing a large amount of liquid.
  • Please keep the suction port clean at all times. The silicone rubber can be disassembled and washed to clean, but the main part cannot. 
  • Avoid falling and do not use it continuously for more than 10 minutes.


Vido 真空系列再升級,此抽氣棒為電動設計,只需 3 秒,毫不費力就能完成真空保鮮,有效延長食物保存期限 2-5 倍,同時阻隔濕氣、抑制細菌滋生,是 Vido 真空系列保鮮盒的完美搭檔!長度僅 15 公分,輕巧方便,可直接放入包包帶著走,超適合露營、旅行時用!

- 尺寸:直徑 4.1 x 高 15.2 cm
- 材質:PC、矽膠、PVC、ABS

- 注意事項:

  • 真空抽完後真空蓋會凹陷,待不使用真空的時候拉起氣閥,蓋子會恢復平整。
  • 粉末及含有大量液體的食物請勿使用電動抽氣棒,可能會造成產品故障。
  • 請隨時保持底部吸氣口的清潔,除了吸氣口矽膠可拆卸清洗,本體不可水洗。
  • 避免重摔以免影響產品內部線路故障。請勿連續使用超過 10 分鐘。