Fika Deep Fryer with Thermometer & Glass Lid


FIKA deep fryer is not ony an excellent pot for deep frying your favorite dishes, but you can also use it for boiling water, making sauces and soups, and for braising. Specially designed with a detachable lid with thermometer for deep frying. It uses superior 5 layered X-trema ceramic coating, which is non-stick, PFOA/PTFE free and eco-friendly. It heats up quickly and save energy. 

- Size: L 13.3" x W 7.7" x H 7.2" (20 cm Dia, 1.7 Qt)
- Material: Cast aluminum with ceramic coating, Stainless steel, Glass, Wood
- Made in South Korea
- Notes:
  • Compatible with induction, electric, radiant, and gas stove top.
  • No dishwasher or microwave. 
  • For the best results, do not use abrasive cleaners, do not excessively preheat empty cookware. 

單柄油炸鍋 (附油溫計&玻璃蓋)

FIKA 油炸鍋由韓國製造,且得到多項大獎與認證。使用與韓國工業學院聯合研發的 X-trema F5的5層陶瓷塗層,不含有害物質。具有高導熱性及高對流性,更有效節省能源。陶瓷不沾鍋,容易清潔,不挑爐具,方便使用。18 cm 尺寸剛好,單柄好握,附有油炸專用鍋蓋,配有溫度計,方便隨時監測油溫,外加玻璃蓋子,安全放心!

- 尺寸:L 13.3" x W 7.7" x H 7.2" (20 cm Dia, 1.7 Qt)
- 材質:鋁製陶瓷塗層、不鏽鋼、玻璃、木
- 產地:韓國
- 注意事項:
  • 使用前,請使用清潔劑和溫水清洗乾淨即可使用
  • 此商品導熱快速,建議使用小火即可,節約能源
  • 適用於瓦斯爐、電爐、鹵素盧、黑晶爐、電磁爐
  • 不適用於洗碗機、微波爐、烤箱
  • 不適用鐵刷及含金屬的菜瓜布;建議使用海綿或精緻鍋具專用菜瓜布清洗
  • 避免使用金屬湯勺,建議使用木勺或矽膠勺,可延長鍋具使用壽命