2-in-1 Roller Box Opener


This unboxing tool, which won the Japan 2021 Stationery Awards, is definitely a practical gadget that is essential for home and office. The built-in opening knife allows you to open the package with a single swipe, then turn it upside down and use the roller to erase personal information on the carton. It takes less than a few seconds to complete the unpacking and recycling operations. The newly developed ink can be used on smooth papers such as thermal sensitive paper, and the printed letters are specially designed and arranged in unique vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines to make private information harder to read. The unboxing blade adopts a hidden lock design, which can be used with one click and also safe to use.

- Size: L 8.2 x W 5 x H 5 cm, Seal 2.6 cm (about 500 times)
- Material: PP, ABS, PVC, Stainless steel, Oil-based ink
- Made in Japan


此榮獲日本 2021 文具大賞的開箱工具,絕對是居家及辦公必備的實用小物。內建開封小刀,輕輕一劃就能拆開包裹,接著倒過來用滾輪將紙箱上的個資塗掉,不到幾秒中就完成開箱與回收的動作,實在太方便了。使用新開發的墨水,熱感應紙等光滑紙張皆可使用,印出的字母也經特殊設計,以獨特的 垂直、水平和對角線排列,讓隱私信息更難閱讀。開箱刀片採隱藏式帶鎖設計,一按即可使用,也不怕小朋友受傷,任何面向都幫你想得周到。在疫情期間成為包裹富翁的你,一定要收下它!

- 尺寸:整體:L 8.2 x W 5 x H 5 cm,印章:2.6 cm(可使用 30 m,約 500 回)
- 材質: PP、ABS、PVC、不銹鋼刀片、油性墨水
- 產地:日本