3rd Gen Cloud Revolving Bookcase - Out of California


Ema's Table believes that books are the greatest investment for most parents. Cultivating a natural reading habit requires parents' company, a good selection of books for kids' age, and a nice setting for their reading environment.

Mytolek revolving bookcase is built with neat cloud shelves and can be easily swiveled by kids to grab books they are interested in. Kids will fall in love with this adorable cloud design. It symbolizes that they are flying over the cloud when truly engaging in the book stories. This lovely bookcase will collect as many valuable memories as you'd like to.

Mytolek keeps optimizing the best experience for the kids, and thus the 3rd generation comes out with better functionalities compared to the 2nd gen. No more glue is required for the assembly and the new KD hardware is not only high-quality but easy to disassemble. The most amazing feature is now you can add the 4th shelf as your kid grows.

Product Features:

  • 3 stories of shelves and each story has 4 compartments (12 compartments in total)
  • Hold 200 - 250 books 
  • A great space-saving bookcase for small places
  • The design of small compartments is friendly for little kids to get books out of shelves
  • Wood veneer look and cloud shelves can accommodate all kinds of home styles
  • 100% Made in Taiwan (Quality guaranteed)
  • Made of P2 MDF (Formaldehyde is less than E1 European Standard)
  • The top board offers extra space for holding kids' fluffy toys or small indoor plants

Product Specifications:

  • The bookcase measures 18" x 18" x H 42.5"
  • Each compartment measures 13"H x 8.5"D
  • Each story holds approximately 44 lbs
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Assembly required

Product Warranty:

  • 14 days upon delivery 
  • Take pictures or videos and email to info@emastable.com for any defective issues
  • The replacements or parts will be provided upon request

改良版第3代 雲朵旋轉書櫃 - 加州以外


  • MyTolek 雲朵書櫃,將小空間發揮最大收納利用。瘦長外型向上發展,可放置大量書籍,不佔空間,CP值極大化。
  • 共有三層收納空間,每層有四個區塊,可分門別類收納不同種類的書籍。小幫手實際測試約可放250本童書(因每本書籍的厚薄度不同,需依實際狀況評估)。
  • 一格的高度是33公分,深度是22公分,高度夠高,放高的雜誌、書、桌遊都沒問題。
  • 雲朵擋板圓弧設計,可收納可展示,兼具美觀與實用性。
  • 360度自由旋轉,好拿好收納,(不像其他標榜一層可以放很多書的設計,往往書太多太重,小小孩很難自行抽取書。
  • 氣質木紋選色搭配童趣雲朵造型,完美融入各式居家風格。
  • 100%台灣生產製造,材質選用P2塑合板,甲醛含量相當於市售EO級歐盟規範標準。
  • 頂板設計多出一塊空間,可讓放孩子們發揮創意擺設心愛的娃娃朋友們。
  • 木紋貼皮做特殊粗糙設計,可以讓小孩任意地刮也不破壞表面。


  • 收納櫃尺寸46 x 46 x108 cm (每層高度33cm,深度22cm),旋轉半徑需預留65 x 65cm。
  • 每層靜態耐重靜態耐重20kg,總靜態耐重為60kg。
  • 材質:P2級塑合板,甲醛含量相當於EO級歐盟規範標準。
  • 產地:台灣
  • 產品到貨後須自行組裝。

P.S. 第四層需額外加購(第三代適用)