Alice Gold 3pcs Kids Flatware Set


Designed for those who begin table rituals, Cutipol Alice series is the first step for not change the fork in the left hand with the knife in the right. Subtly ergonomic set of 3 pieces, with a resin handle available in different colors and one case to store and carry the children's cutlery. Crafted from stainless steel, each piece in this children’s range features a curved and contoured handle resin that offers young palms a secure grip for easy eating. Each gold set includes a dinner knife, a dinner fork, and a table spoon.

- Size: Knife 17.4 cm, Fork 16.1 cm, Spoon 16 cm
- Material: Matte brushed stainless steel 18/10, Gold plated 24k, Resin handle
- Made in Portugal
- Note: Dishwasher safe. Do not use abrasive cleansers. 

葡萄牙手工餐具 Cutipol Alice 系列,專為開始學習餐桌禮儀的孩子設計,可以正確右手握刀、左手握叉的第一步。巧妙符合人體工學的 3 件套,並透過金屬飾面提供多種美麗的顏色選擇,更配有一個用於存放和攜帶兒童餐具的盒子。 此兒童系列中的每件產品均採用高質不鏽鋼製成,搭配彎曲的仿手形樹脂手柄,為幼小的手掌提供牢固的抓握力,方便進食。霧面金色系可愛中帶點高雅的精緻,是自用或送禮的好選擇!

- 尺寸:餐刀 17.4 cm、餐叉 16.1 cm、湯匙 16 cm
- 材質:不鏽鋼 18/10(霧面處理)、金片 24k、樹脂手柄
- 顏色:白、黑、深藍、深灰、米色、淺綠、紅、棕、粉、藍綠
- 產地:葡萄牙
- 注意事項:
  • 洗碗機可用,結束後請使用柔軟的布將多餘的水分擦乾
  • 手洗時請用溫水及中性洗潔劑,勿用太過粗糙的洗滌用具以免刮傷餐具