Ancient Pottery Octagonal Cup & Saucer


This ancient pottery series combines the modern lifestyle with special and strong stoneware soil. High temperature firing gives the the cup and plate high strength and compactness. The octagonal shape and unique color make it look fashionable and charming, which is a great match of different kinds of beverage. 

- Size: 
Cup 8.3 x H 7 cm (240ml)
Saucer 13.8 x H 2 cm (5.5" Dia)

- Material: Stoneware
- Made in Japan
- Note: Dishwasher, microwave and oven (under 240 °C) safe. No direct fire. 


來自 CHIPS JAPAN 的 Ancient Pottery 古陶系列,透過現代美濃燒製陶技術,重現歐洲古董的細節。杯盤以能相互呼應的八角切面設計,就算單獨使用也能因其獨特的造型而成為餐桌主角,實用之餘也富有藝術收藏價值。共有三款顏色,有光澤的象牙白色給人溫暖印象;灰色有著自然質樸且時髦的紋理;銅色則透過色彩和質感,呈顯出古董金屬餐具的質地。以炻器土高溫燒製而成,高强緊密,實用性高,且每件商品皆附有品牌紙盒包裝,作為送禮也非常合適!

- 尺寸:
杯 8.3 x H 7 cm (240ml)
盤 13.8 x H 2 cm (5.5" Dia)

- 材質:炻器(石頭磨成的堅固土壤)
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:洗碗機、微波爐、烤箱(耐受溫度為240攝氏度)可用,直火不可用