Animal Sticky Hook Pocket


This cute animal-shaped wall storage item allows you to store frequently used items in its hook and pocket. It is a removable adsorption type that easily sticks to entrance doors, bathroom mirrors, kitchen walls, etc. Those small items that cannot be hung on hooks can be stored in the back pocket, making it very convenient and can be used for a variety of purposes. You can also place it on a table as a smartphone stand or as a glasses stand too. How creative! 

- Pocket inner size: L 5.2 x W 2.6 x H 4.1 cm
- Material: ABS resin, Polyvinyl chloride, Iron Plate PET resin, Polyurethane 
- Made in China



- 收納盒尺寸:L 5.2 x W 2.6 x H 4.1 cm
- 材質:ABSh 樹脂、聚氯乙烯、鐵板、PET 樹脂、聚氨酯
- 產地:中國