Aroma Cube


This product is a handy aroma tool that does not require fire or electricity. The cube is made from Japanese cypress wood and nicely polished into a size of 0.7 cm. Not only is the texture is beautiful, cypress wood also helps relax the body and sleep at night. If you drip your favorite scent and let it soak in, the scent will spready naturally. If you put it in your favorite container and place it in your room, it will double as an air freshener and interior decoration. With the increased capacity, you can enjoy the aroma in various locations. 

- Box size: L 12 x W 6.5 cm (36g)
- Material: Cypress wood
- Made in Japan
- Notes: 

  • Place some cube in a container or a bag, and add an appropriate amount of essential oil.
  • When the scent fades, add another drop of oil and can be used repeatedly. 


想讓日常更有儀式感,療癒人心的香氛氣味絕對是家中必備的元素!這款迷你擴香塊使用珍貴的日本國產檜木製成,從原木切下後,由工匠精心打磨至每顆大小約 0.7 cm 的木塊。簡約高質感的設計,完美體現了日本的職人精神。不只紋路飽和優美,檜木還存在天然的植物殺菌力,可放鬆身體、促進夜間睡眠。無需點火和插電,簡單滴上喜愛的精油味道,就能讓整個空間被香氣清新環繞,是更唯美也更環保的香氛使用方式!

- 包裝尺寸:L 12 x W 6.5 cm (36g)
- 材質:檜木
- 產地:日本
- 使用方式:
  • 將本產品放入容器中(托盤、香氛袋、玻璃碗),並添加適量的精油。
  • 當香味消失後,再次滴入精油便可重複使用。