Bamboo Storage Basket


This bamboo basket is hand-woven by craftsmen using traditional techniques. It has an exquisite appearance and is full of rustic retro style. The unique structural design can firmly support the weight, and the material is made of flexible natural rattan. It does not contain chemical bleach or paint or wax coating, making it safe and durable. Available in two sizes, they can be used to store toys, accessories, towels, or used as fruit and bread baskets, very versatile. Bamboo woven products always bring a warm atmosphere to the home environment and look stunning under the sunshine. 

- Size:
Large L 18 x W 12 x H 3.5 cm 
Small L 18 x W 9 x H 3 cm 

- Material: Bamboo
- Made in Vietnam
- Notes: Washable by water, but be sure to dry after cleaning


- 尺寸:
大 L 18 x W 12 x H 3.5 cm 
小 L 18 x W 9 x H 3 cm 

- 材質:竹藤
- 產地:越南