Black Heat-Resistant Hexagon Chopstick (5P)


Made of PBT resin, these chopsticks can be washed and used repeatedly because they are durable. The heat resistant temperature is even up to 220℃. The non-slip design on the front and the hexagonal shape make it easy to grip without rolling around. There are five pairs per pack in classic black color. 

- Size: 23 cm
- Material: PBT resin, Glass fiber
- Made in Japan
- Note: Dishwasher safe. Heat resistance is up to 220 ℃.

黑色耐熱樹脂六角筷子 (5入)

此款日本製造的六角筷子由PBT 樹脂材質製成,耐熱度高達220℃,經久耐用,可反復使用和清洗。前端防滑設計,令食物不易殘留,且不會到處亂滾。加上六角形狀的握柄好夾好握,符合人體工學。一包五雙,時尚黑色不易髒好打理,適合搭配各種餐桌風格。

- 尺寸:23 cm
- 材質:PBT(聚對苯二甲酸)樹脂、玻璃纖維
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:洗碗機可用,耐熱度為220攝氏度