Black & White Crystal Tree


The Montagne crystals are 100% natural, high-quality, and all passed the gemstone identification. It is best to use together with the night light base, and it will become a beautiful and energetic decoration in any room. Enjoy its energy and let the good luck be always around you and your family!

In many cultures and philosophies, the tree is considered a powerful energy symbol, often symbolizing life, growth, strength and stability. White crystal is the king of crystals, which aids concentration and memory, improves efficiency, and releases imbalances and negative energy. Black obsidian is a powerful and protective stone, which helps increase self-control and self confidence, and attracts wealth and luck. Combing the two crystals can have the wide range of functions and help life go smoothly. The base is made of 7 kinds of natural crystals to make up for the insufficient magnetic field. 

- Size: 8 x 8 cm
- Made in Taiwan
- Instructions:

  1. Spread the crystal branches out to make a nice tree shape.
  2. Simply clean the dust on crystals and then make a wish.
  3. Place it in the Feng Shui position, like desk and cashier counter.
  4. For night light set, turn on the base light, and press long to adjust the brightness.

開運樹 - 白水晶X黑曜石

在許多文化和哲學中,樹被認為是一種有力的能量符號,通常象徵生命、成長、力量和穩定性。無論是追求風水效果,還是單純喜愛水晶的美感,來自台灣知名品牌Montagne 的水晶樹系列,取自於山嵐孕育的天然水晶,每款皆經過精心挑選和打造,不只能帶給你愉悅和幸運,也為家居增添一份獨特的能量氛圍,送禮自用都合適!

每款水晶都代表著不同的意義和功效,白水晶是水晶之王,幫助净化心靈、提升效率、防小人、驅散負能量。黑曜石是一種强大的保護石,能招財、順運、護身。兩者都屬於功效比較廣泛的水晶,結合起來更能去除霉運、幫助生活順遂、以及有生財旺財的功效。底座則使用 7 種天然水晶打造,來補全不足的磁場,除了一般款還有夜燈款選擇,可明亮空間,增添好運氣氛!

- 尺寸:8 x 8 cm
- 產地:台灣
- 使用方法:

  1. 將水晶樹枝撥開,象徵開枝散葉
  2. 將水晶消磁及許願
  3. 擺放於財位或對應風水位置,也可放於辦公桌、收銀台上
  4. 夜燈組合,開啓底座燈光,長按可調節亮度