Blanchir No. 8 Clay Pot


Blanchir is a French cooking term meaning to boil in the water or dip the food quickly for a few minutes only. Both the lid and the body are pretty round, which is a unique feature. Its round shaped bottom allows boiling water to be greatly circulated by convection. The round lid fits into the body securely for closure even when a large quantity of vegetables are packed into the pot. The small and sleet handles exquisitely coordinate with a very round pot, which produces a soft feeling and goes well with any hotpots in Japanese, western and the other countries' styles. The 10" size is perfect for 2-3 people. 

- Size: L 30.3 x W 25 x H 15.3 cm (10" Dia, 1850 ml)
- Material: Heat-resistant ceramic
- Made in Japan
- Notes: Gas stove, oven, and microwave safe. No IH induction cooker. 

Blanchir 系列土鍋的鍋身和蓋子皆具有圓潤飽滿的造型,形成一個獨特的組合。向外展開的兩個把手,小巧玲瓏又好掌握。和一般土鍋不同的圓弧形鍋底,當蓋上鍋蓋後,使鍋内能夠產生更好的循環熱對流,輕鬆燉煮出食材的鮮美滋味。此外,即使在鍋中裝入大量蔬菜魚肉,圓形蓋子也能牢牢蓋緊。8號鍋最適合2-3人分量,手感柔軟,端起來落落大方,無論是日式、西式、中式的火鍋都能搭配得很好。 

- 尺寸:L 30.3 x W 25 x H 15.3 cm (10" Dia, 1850 ml)
- 材質:耐熱陶瓷
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:瓦斯爐直火、烤箱、微波爐可用,不可使用洗碗機、IH電磁爐