Bona Enamel Tea & Coffee Canister


Comes from Hario Bona series, this container has a natural atmosphere with a combination of white enamel and olive wood. It protects ingredients from exposure to light and keeps them fresh, perfect for storing tea leaves, coffee beans, nuts or dried fruits. It is easy to clean and can be stacked with the lid secured. Since the enamel coating does not absorb odors, you can reuse the canister without worrying about the aromas transferring. 

- Size: 
Tall 10.2 x H 14.3 cm (200 ml)
Short 10.2 x H 7.2 cm (100 ml)

- Material: Enamel, Olive wood, Silicone rubber
- Made in Thailand



- 尺寸:
高 10.2 x H 14.3 cm (200 ml)
矮 10.2 x H 7.2 cm (100 ml)

- 材質:琺瑯、橄欖木、矽膠
- 產地:泰國