Border Double-Sided Kitchen Cloth


This wash cloth can be used on both sides. It is made of oil stain-resistant rayon fabric that removes oil stains and burnt spots with just water, and fabric with a specially processed thread that has a hard finish. No detergent required. Gently and thoroughly removes sticky oil stains, and the oil stains on the cloth can be cleaned quickly by rinsing with water. 

- Size: L 26 x W 21 cm
- Material: Rayon, Polyester, Acrylic
- Made in Japan
- Notes: It can be used together with kitchen detergent, but no bleach. 


&NE 全新研發洗淨神器,這款擁有強力抗油特性的廚房抹布,材質經特殊處理,線質感堅韌耐用。而且雙面分別為不同面料,搭配清水或少量清潔劑使用,即可將鐵鍋上的頑固焦痕與油漬去除,還能利用長毛面的超細纖維擦洗流理臺灰塵,一條雙用途,讓清潔變得超輕鬆!

- 尺寸:L 26 x W 21 cm
- 材質:人造絲、聚酯纖維、腈綸
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:可與廚房用洗滌劑一起使用,但避免使用漂白劑