Bubble Foaming Toilet Cleaner


This is a popular and best-selling cleaning product in Japan. Just put it into the toilet, and its amazing foaming power will clean and disinfect the entire toilet bowl, no rubbing or scrubbing required. It washes deep inside where the brush cannot reach, and clearly removes black spots and pink stains. You must give it a try!

- Size: 180g / bag 
- Material: Weakly acidic surfactant (sodium alkyl sulfate)
- Made in Japan
- Instructions: 

  1. Raise the toilet seat.
  2. Put a bag or sponge in the puddle part of the toile bowl to block the drain.
  3. Put it in from a low position. If powder gets on the toilet seat, wipe it off immediately.
  4. A large amount of foam will be generated, so leave it for 30 minutes or more.
  5. It can be left overnight, but be sure to ventilate.
  6. After use, flush with water until bubbles disappear. 
  7. Recommended to it once every two weeks, depends on the degree of dirt.


日本熱銷第一名,雜誌瘋狂介紹推薦的「EARTH 馬桶發泡清潔劑」,是清潔界的話題商品!僅需將清潔劑倒入馬桶中即可達到潔淨和消毒效果,不需刷洗、揉搓。驚人的起泡力,可以快速清潔馬桶刷接觸不到的地方,更能效除去黑點與污漬。兩週使用一次就能保持馬桶白净亮亮,不再藏汙納菌、竄出異味,讓家事更輕鬆!

- 規格:180g / 包
- 材質:弱酸性表面活性劑(烷基硫酸鈉)
- 產地:日本
- 使用方式:

  1. 抬高馬桶坐墊
  2. 將一個袋子或是海綿放入馬桶的水坑堵住排水口
  3. 從低位置開始添加,如果粉末沾到馬桶座圈上,請立即擦乾淨
  4. 發泡後會產生大量泡沫,請放置30分鐘以上,讓其充分揮發
  5. 可以過夜放置,但一定要通風
  6. 使用後,倒水沖洗直至沒有氣泡
  7. 根據髒污程度,建議兩週使用一次