Tatsujin Slim III Cassette Gas Stove


With a thin body and 70 minutes max burning time, this lightweight single butane stove burner is the perfect portable cooktop for hotpot, camping, indoor and outdoor use, and emergency situations. It has a powerful heat output, which produces high heat quickly for boiling water and cooking food. It is non-stick and easy to clean by using high performance fluorine coating. The stable and nonslip feet make it even more convenient and safer to use. 

- Size: L 33.5 x W 27.5 x H 8.4 cm 
- Model: Tatsujin Slim III CB-SS-50
- Material: Steel plate, ABS resin, Aluminum die-cast
- Made in Japan



- 尺寸:L 33.5 x W 27.5 x H 8.4 cm 
- 型號:Tatsujin Slim III CB-SS-50
- 材質:鋼板、ABS樹脂、鋁壓鑄
- 產地:日本