Clear Drunken Crystal Tumbler - Assorted Pattern


This handblown rounded glass is made of genuine Bohemian decorated with various patterns. It reflects beautiful light and shadow under the irradiation of light. This simple and clean tumbler is great for serving tipsy soda, whisky, juice and more. With the surprising stability, it can be used as a mini flower vase or candleholder. 

 - Size: 10 x H 9 cm (4" Dia, 300 ml)
- Material: Mouth-blown crystal glass
- Made in Czech Republic
- Notes: Hand washing recommended


由百年工藝的巧手職人手工製作,透過各種不同的玻璃紋路以及水晶色澤,在光線的照射下反射出絕美的光影。不倒翁設計更讓美麗的旋轉光影成為一段屬於自己的療癒時光。這款不倒翁水晶杯可以用來盛裝冷飲、紅酒、威士忌或是其他酒類。愛花的朋友也可以當作桌花 的小器皿或是燭台使用。簡潔的透明色,按心情選一款喜歡的玻璃紋路,悠閒地享受美好品飲時光!

- 尺寸:10 x H 9 cm (4" Dia, 300 ml)
- 材質:口吹水晶玻璃
- 產地:捷克
- 注意事項:建議手洗