Cocer Rice Pot


Comes from the 4th-Market Cocer series, this cute rice pot is made of coarse soil with simple texture. The clay pot has low thermal conductivity and excellent heat retention, so you can keep it warm on the table. There are three elegant colors to choose from, and it comes with a lid. The compact size is usable for rice, simmered dishes, and miso soup, adding a natural touch to the dining table!

- Size: 16 x H 14.5 cm (850 ml)
- Material: Heat-resistant pottery
- Made in Japan
- Notes:
  • Direct fire, oven, microwave, and oven safe.
  • No dishwasher or IH induction cooker.
  • Do not burn when it is empty. 

此款來自日本4th-Market Cocer 系列的炊飯土鍋,使用粗土製作,風格簡單樸素,並具有低導熱、高保溫的優點,讓料理在餐桌上也能維持熱騰騰的溫度。供有三種優雅的顔色選擇,配有蓋子,玲瓏小巧,一合的容量最適合烹煮白飯、小燉菜、味噌湯等,為餐桌增添一份天然風味!

- 尺寸:16 x H 14.5 cm (850 ml)
- 材質:耐熱陶器
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:
  • 適用於瓦斯直火、烤箱、黑晶爐、微波爐。
  • 洗碗機、電磁爐、IH爐不可用。
  • 請勿空燒。