Eva Solo 24cm Nordic Kitchen Stainless Steel Saucepan with Lid

A minimalist design idiom and a functional mindset. This is the essence of Scandinavian design, and the source of inspiration for the Nordic kitchen range. The series of stainless steel cookware with oiled oak handles is the perfect match for Nordic cuisine. The materials are of the highest quality, which ensures that the products are hard-wearing and will stand the test of time.

- Size: 18.1 in W x 10 in D x 4.1 in H (3.5 lbs)
- Material: Body - stainless steel | Handle - wood
- Designed in Denmark


出自丹麥生活品牌 Eva Solo 2016 年秋冬作品Nordic Kitchen 自然歐風系列,推出許多的煎煮鍋具,為美好的烹飪生活,帶來更多的實用選擇。不同的款式與尺寸,讓每一位喜愛做菜的人,都可以找到最佳的烹飪工具。


- 尺寸:直徑 24cm
- 材質:不鏽鋼、橡木
- Designed in Denmark


  • 為不鏽鋼打造,輕巧加熱快。
  • 商品不可放中烤箱及BBQ烤爐上使用。
  • 如有木質材料的商品,請勿置於洗碗機中清洗。