Disposable Face Towel


Made of 100% cotton, this disposable face towel is gentle on the skin and free from germs. The soft and natural cotton sheet woven using only the power of water. It is recommended to those who are concerned about decolletage and back acne. There are 100 sheets per pack. The large size with excellent water absorption can wipe the entire face with one sheet. It is convenient and easy to carry for trips. 

- Size:  L 9.5 x W 9.5 x H 17 cm each (100 sheets)
- Material: 100% cotton
- Made in Japan
- Notes: 
  • When using, do not rub your skin. Gently press the entire face.
  • Should this disagree with your skin, stop use and consult a doctor. 
  • As it does not dissolve in water, do not flush it down the toilet. 
  • You may see small black or yellow spots on the sheet, but these are part of the cotton pericarp and seeds. Please use with confidence. 

純棉一次性洗臉巾 100 入


- 尺寸:L 9.5 x W 9.5 x H 17 cm 每張(100入)
- 成分:棉 100%
- 產地:日本

- 注意事項:

  • 若皮膚不適,請停止使用並諮詢醫生。
  • 商品不溶於水,請勿丟入馬桶。
  • 你可能會在棉片的表面或內部看到黑色或黃色的小斑點,這些都是棉皮和種子的一部分,請放心使用。