Double Layer Ceramic Grill


With a metal top and a ceramic bottom, this double layer gridiron helps make toast crispy and delicious. The far-infrared rays of the ceramic have the effect of absorbing the moisture and umami of the ingredients and making them plump and juicy. It can bake not only toast and rice cakes, but also vegetables, mushrooms, sausages, and more. Use it to enjoy a relaxing weekend night with friends. 

1. Put ceramic side down and the metal side up, and use a gas stove to heat up.
2. Before use, preheat for 15~20 seconds, and then turn to low heat to grill food.
3. After use, let it cool down before removing it from the stove, and then clean it.
4. Can put foil paper on the metal top for fatty foods. 
5. It is normal for the ceramic bottom to crack or turn black when grilling.
6. Do not soak the ceramic part in water when cleaning. Use a soft brush to clean, and dry it before storing.

- Size: Small 15 x 15 x H 4 cm, Medium 20 x 20 x H 4.6 cm, Large 22 x 22 x H 5 cm
- Material: Ceramic, Iron
- Made in Japan



1. 陶瓷面朝下,金屬面朝上,使用瓦斯爐直火加熱食材。
2. 使用前請先以小火預熱15~20秒,再轉小火燒烤食物即可。
3. 使用完畢,請先待降溫後再從爐上移除並清洗乾淨。
4. 油脂多的食材可墊錫箔紙再進行燒烤。
5. 陶瓷底盤燒烤時會燒裂或變黑屬正常現象。
6. 陶瓷部份清潔時請勿泡水,可用軟刷清潔。務必放涼後再洗滌,洗後晾乾再收納。

- 尺寸:小網 15 x 15 x H 4 cm, 中網 20 x 20 x H 4.6 cm, 大網 22 x 22 x H 5 cm
- 材質:陶瓷、鐵(鍍鉻)
- 產地:日本