Drain Pipe Stays Clean Tablets


This tablet efficiently cleans dirt and odors from pipes. It has a long narrow shape that specially works great for S-shaped and U-shaped drain pipes. You can just pop it in and immediately flush the water. One tablet stays in drain pipes for about 10 to 15 days and thoroughly cleans them. The product is weakly acidic and non-chlorine based. It can be used on water pipes made of any material, and easily clean kitchen sinks, toilet sinks, and bathroom drain pipes.

- Contents: 4 tablets 
- Material: fumaric acid (97%), Disinfectant, Enzyme, Fragrance, Pigment, Lubricant
- Made in Japan
- Notes: 
  • Use one tablet at a time. Wait for at least 2 weeks to put in another tablet if necessary.
  • It cannot be used on drain pipes that are not designed to accumulate water, or on clogged drain pipes.
  • If the drain pipe is dirty or does not drain smoothly, please clean it before use.
  • Before using the tablet, please remove the strainer at the drain opening if there is any.
  • Do not push it out when taking out the tablet to avoid breakage.

排水管抗菌除臭長效清潔條 4 片入

日本暢銷百萬組的排水管清潔條,專為 S 型、U 型等有積水設計的排水管設計,獨特的長條狀,再細的水管都能輕鬆投入,就算斷了也不易被水沖掉,可停留在管中發揮清潔效果,維持約 10-15 天,將管子內的髒污、臭味徹底洗淨!產品為弱酸性,不含氯清潔劑,任何材質的水管都可以使用,為你輕鬆清潔廚房流理台、廁所洗手台、浴室排水管,整個空間都清香不臭不堵塞!

- 規格:4 片入
- 材質:富馬酸(97%)、消毒劑、酶、調味劑、色素、潤滑劑
- 產地:日本

- 注意事項:

  • 請勿一次使用2個或以上的清潔錠,放入後,請至少間隔 2 週後再使用。
  • 不能用於沒有積水設計的排水管,或已堵塞的排水管。
  • 如果排水管很髒或排水不暢,請在使用前先清潔一次。如直接丟入清潔條,可能讓情況變得更糟。
  • 若排水口有濾網、過濾器等,請將其拆下後再放入。如果沒有先取下,清潔劑有可能無法投入。
  • 取出清潔劑時,請勿用手指用力推出,避免斷裂。