Drinking Glass 2P Set


This wonderful and filigree drinking glass has a cylindrical shape and very thin wall, therefore it is super light and yet extremely stable and stackable. There are five patterns to choose from, some with shapes and some with handwritten letters. Whether as a water glass, cocktail glass, dessert glass, or for serving fruits, snacks or cereal, this glass cup will become a simple and special eye-catcher in your kitchen. 

- Size: 8.9 x H 8.5 cm (360 ml)
- Material: Glass
- Made in German
- Notes: Dishwasher safe

小文青玻璃水杯 (2入組) (5款)

創立於2011年的德國品牌Eulenschnitt 取生活為靈感,以充滿細節及質感的家居飾品與廚房用品,在歐洲地區廣受好評。此款超精美的圓柱形水杯,有著極薄的杯壁,手感輕盈穩固,表面印有各式圖案與字樣,時尚又可愛。寬大的杯口方便堆疊收納,無論作為水杯、雞尾酒杯、甜點杯還是用來盛裝水果或麥片,都十分合適。共有五款選擇,一組2入,極簡的設計為生活營造美好氛圍,裝點精緻生活!

- 尺寸:8.9 x H 8.5 cm (360 ml)
- 材質:玻璃
- 產地:德國
- 注意事項:洗碗機可用