Eco Premium II Cassette Gas Stove


This portable cassette stove combines design and functionality. The top plate is coated with a glossy silver fluorine coating to create an advanced, sharp, and luxurious outlook. An internal flame burner that emits flame inside suppresses wasteful fire spilling from the bottom of the pot. It has excellent heating efficiency and saves energy by 16% compared to conventional burners. It is great for hotpot, barbeque and camping. 

- Size: L 33.4 x W 27.4 x H 8.9 cm 
- Model: Eco Premium II CB-EPR-2
- Material: Steel plate, ABS resin, Aluminum die-cast
- Made in Japan



- 尺寸:L 33.4 x W 27.4 x H 8.9 cm 
- 型號:Eco Premium II CB-EPR-2
- 材質:鋼板、ABS樹脂、鋁壓鑄
- 產地:日本