Eva Solo Chopping Board Set with Holder (3pcs)


廚房必備的砧板要怎麼實用,不使用時不佔空間又兼顧質感外觀呢?此套Eva Solo砧板套件,包括三種顏色不同的砧板和一個節省空間的支架。不同的顔色讓您可以分門別類,將每個板用於特定目的,例如一個用於麵包,一個用於蔬菜和一個用於魚、禽、肉類生食的砧板,以防止食物交叉感染,使用起來方便、安全又衛生。

  • 斜角設計使得每個砧板都很容易被握住。
  • 鋁製支架讓砧板在風乾時保持獨立分開,防止細菌污染。
  • 砧板清洗容易,可放洗碗機。
  • Designed in Denmark


  • 支架必須手洗,不可放入洗碗機。

This chopping board set consists of three chopping boards in three different color shades and a space-saving holder. The color shades make it possible to use each board for a specific purpose, for example one for bread, one for vegetables and one for meat/fish/poultry. Each chopping board is easy to hold thanks to the tapered corners. The chopping boards are kept separated in the aluminium holder while drying, preventing bacterial contamination. The boards are dishwasher-safe. The holder must be washed by hand.