Eva Solo Dish and Hand Soap Dispensers



Soap Dispenser 流線的設計,整件作品呈現出簡約優雅之風。無論是沐浴乳、洗髮精、或是其他清潔劑,都很適合搭配 Soap Dispenser 使用。在流線造型的外殼輕輕按壓幾下,在廚房、在浴室、將優雅帶進生活的每一個角落!

Wash with a smile. Place this fun and practical soap dispenser next to the kitchen sink or bathroom basin. Can be used with both soap and dish-washing liquid. The soap is dispensed with a simple press. The dispenser is easy to fill – just remove the spout and fill with either soap or washing-up liquid. Despite its spherical shape, the soap dispenser will not roll around as it is weighted to ensure that it stays at the right angle. The dispenser is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

– 尺寸:0.33 lb
– Designed in Denmark