Eva Solo Green Tool - Tomato Knife




  • 刀具容易清洗,可放洗碗機。
  • 手柄由可持續的複合材料製成,其中50%的塑料被小麥纖維替代。
  • 環保耐用。
  • Designed in Denmark
The Green tools collection makes it easy to eat more vegetables with a range of utensils to facilitate preparation. All the tools and knives have been specifically developed for preparing vegetables and fruit. The tools are easy to clean as they are all dishwasher-safe. The handles are made of a sustainable composite material, in which 50 percent of the plastic is replaced with wheat fiber. The serrated edge of this tomato knife easily cuts into tough tomato skins as well as other fruit and vegetables. The knife is ideal for cutting any food with a crust, rind or skin.